Aiden Carry

Aiden Carry
3 weeks ago
Move to Convergent Billing Made Easy with Convergent Real-Time Billing System
In this age of excessive competition, Vcare #OCSProvides and efficient and flexible way to charge and bill subscribers in real-time. Its true real-time performance ensures that all the services are monetized and there is no revenue leakage. Equipped with event based and session based functions, the #OCS serves as a centralized platform for charging nearly all modern services. It uses CDRs (Call Data Records) for calculating all charges and at the same time loads the results to the billing database. At Vcare OCS, we understand our clients’ requirements and create customized #telecombillingsolutions to meet their exigent needs.

Aiden Carry
2 months ago
The Reasons to Choose Virtualized Charging System
Cloud-based charging system has become a major requirement for telcos due to frequent disruptions in the telecom industry. The biggest reason for you to choose cloud-based telecom charging system architecture over traditional systems is the unmatched flexibility that it offers.


Of late, telecom billing has become a battlefield filled with landmines. The frequent launch of new technologies coupled with a rise in competition has stretched telcos to their wits end. Emerging technologies like IoT have posed new requirements, which simply cannot be fulfilled with telecom charging system architecture.
Aiden Carry
2 months ago
6 Things your OCS System Must Have
Cloud-based computing has been particularly rewarding for the IT sector. Its ability to cut down on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) has been the biggest driver for its mass employment by different companies. But there are other benefits of cloud platform as well, especially for the highly-competitive telecom industry.
Here are a portion of the top advantages that an OCS stage will give:


A superior endorser experience: An OCS framework will enable your clients to get to their record from an assortment of cell phones. Endorsers can access rates and charges, and deal with their record continuously with an OCS. Putting resources into an OCS will in this way improve the general nature of service and make fulfilled clients.


Charge for service progressively: Waiting until after a service is rendered to charge for information utilization could bring about a major income misfortune for your organization as certain clients probably won't pay their bills. Streamline the charging gathering process by charging your endorsers as they get to the data you give.

Procure more pieces of the overall industry and importance: One of the main approaches to grow your business as a specialist organization is to offer new and tempting services for your clients. Accomplish this with the adaptable and effective charging service of an OCS. This will expand piece of the overall industry and separate your business from your rivals.
Aiden Carry
3 months ago
Foolproof Your MVNO Billing with a Quality MVNE and OCS
A bill shock is as bad for you as it is for your subscribers. It happens when a customer receives a bill that surpasses his expectations, and in not the right way. While most big operators have the wherewithal to absorb pain of a lost customer, it is the MVNOs that are worst hit by such an event. The negative publicity it generates, no matter how small, has the potential to compromise MVNO’s best laid plans, which generally revolve around creating customer goodwill. Mostly, it has been seen that such debacles happen when the OCS you have is not up to the mark.

Enhance your Prospects with a Better MVNE and OCS


Losing out on customers can be debilitating for an MVNO business. Therefore, as an MVNO owner you should focus sincerely on finding the right OCS. The best and the most convenient way to do this, is by partnering with a competent MVNE that has already delivered successfully in the past. An MVNE that is capable of creating tailor-made solutions can help you build an OCS that meets your particular requirements.

There are many things that you should expect from your MVNE, however, the two most important features you should never compromise on are:


1. Complete convergence with itemization: Customers of today are extremely choosy when it comes to their billing. They want all their usage details and service rates to be present in their invoices. Even more importantly, they want one invoice for all the services that they are using. For this, a quality OCS is required that can charge, rate and maintain customer account information at one location. This allows for complete convergence in billing, which lets you create converged bills with complete itemization as per your subscribers’ requirements.

2. Meets 3GPP’s technical specifications – A 3GPP compliant OCS ensures no revenue loss. Hence, it is important that your MVNE can provide you an OCS system that meets every single technical specification laid out by 3GPP.
Aiden Carry
3 months ago
Now You Can Track Telecom offers with the Fast MVNE System
Luckily, Telgoo5 is a prepared MVNE that can scale with the necessities of your MVNO or MNO by gaining practical experience in fixed, IoT, fiber, ISP and different sorts of online charging. We process a huge number of exchanges every day and work with a wide range of organizations in all dimensions of development. We have the assets and foundation to develop with your client requests, and we are gifted at permitting you a stage to scale quickly and flawlessly. With a far reaching review trail and first rate bookkeeping, Telgoo5 is large and in charge consistently. We pride ourselves on being the top tier, and we keep our customers on top of it at all phases of the game.


Is your MVNE backing you off or not ready to develop as quick as you might want, Telgoo5 offers both adaptability and convenience. With such a large number of alternatives worked in your opportunity to market will be incredibly short.

At Telgoo5 we pride ourselves on being even more an accomplice than a merchant. Accordingly, we ensure that we plan normal calls with our telecom accomplices to ensure that they are advised of everything that we are doing at each phase of the game. Each MNO or MVNO is doled out an agent that has private information of their business and extreme objectives. This enables us to help them starting from the earliest stage, and have the option to help with any scaling needs continuously. We realize that scaling is a standout amongst the most testing occasions for any business, and we pride ourselves on giving out-of-the-case arrangements and an adaptable and strong stage to enable organizations to scale easily.

With CDR-based charging and charging that performs both disconnected and progressively, Telgoo5's telecom charging system was intended for the particular needs of MVNOs and MNOs. Besides, we generally represent tax assessment in charging system and can help organizations in exploring complex telecom tax assessment matters.

This thought enables you to sit back and relax and realize that everything is dealt with for you. We have several diverse charging profiles and get set up to more than one thousand one of kind blends of convergent charging, so you can tailor our items to accommodate your particular needs. You never need to utilize what doesn't work for your organization. We are tied in with streamlining the procedure, making it simpler on you, and exceeding expectations at our command of astonishing client administration.

Telgoo5's stage is advanced and coordinated; ready to deal with a lot of interest. Despite the fact that we have a lot of fulfilled customers, we ensure that every one of them can pick a tweaked arrangement that fits them superbly. We comprehend that each business has various needs and will go along with us at different phases of their advancement. Thusly, we treat every single business as a novel accomplice that we are focused on serving. This dedication from us keeps your business allowed to do the significant work of pulling in new clients, constructing your image, and making your business as well as can be expected be. Consider Telgoo5 a strong stage that enables you to concentrate on the urgent work developing your business.

MVNE's are the center of your business; pick Telgoo5 which is related with the greatest MVNO's and best aggregators.

In the event that you are another MVNO or MNO, you need a MVNE accomplice that has your back. Telgoo5 is that accomplice!
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