12 months ago
Hello, my name is Mark aka Mr. Wood, I am the creator of the blog wooddiys.com Today I want to tell you "How to choose the best wooden skirting boards".
It is called skirting or "plinth" and is the element that covers the place where the floor and wall join. It serves to hide small imperfections in the outer edge of the floor. It helps to protect the lower part of the walls from dust, furniture rubbing, even from the vacuum cleaner or broom. In addition, it can become a decoration for the walls.

The skirting board in solid wood is the most classic type, but not the only one. Let's see together what other materials you can combine with wood, how tall a hoof must be and what color.

Skirting boards made of solid wood or veneer?
The solid wood is the Wood made from the heart of the tree, the heartwood. Being this the oldest part of the plant, it is also the hardest and dense, which makes solid wood very durable. And very expensive. A good alternative to a solid wood skirting board is a veneered, wooden skirting board.

For veneered hooves, cheap and easy to work with Woods are used. Once the desired shape is obtained, it is covered with a sheet of precious wood called precisely "planer". This way you get beautiful skirting boards like solid wood ones, much cheaper and easy to cut.

The quality of a raw veneered wooden skirting board depends on the manufacturer. About Wood used, only real wood glued on the support of phenolic plywood. This makes the socket stable and resistant to moisture, although less expensive than the consideration in solid.

When to use aluminum coated wooden skirting board
Do you have lively children, animals running around the house, a passion for minimalist design? An aluminum-coated wooden skirting board is the best solution for you. The heart is made of multilayer wood covered with real aluminum, so as to give it strength and shine.

The Wooden Heart makes the skirting easier to cut than models made only of aluminum. The aluminum layer retains its shape despite the barrels given with the vacuum cleaner or moving furniture. To clean it just use a damp cloth and non-corrosive products-taking this precaution, it will last forever.

There is also a solution for those who fear unsightly scratches, all too obvious on polished aluminum. If you have children or animals, choose satin aluminum, and you will also solve this problem.

Wooden skirting board covered with aluminum is typical of modern decor styles. If you like simple furniture and large stained-glass windows, then it is likely that this is the hoof you are looking for. It combines mainly with resin tiles and floors, but also creates interesting effects with parquet.

How to cut the corners of the wooden skirting board
Cutting a veneered wooden skirting board is easier than cutting a solid wood skirting board. This becomes important when you have to refine the corners, especially if the walls are out of the team (a bit crooked). The cut must, in fact, be as precise as possible, so that the margins of the two skirting boards coincide.

To prepare the corners of a wooden skirting board, you must first of all measure the corners. If the walls are straight, they will be 90°. Do not take it for granted and use a protractor to take actual measurements. Once done, divide the measure of the angle by two: that will be the measure of the two corners of the two profiles.

To cut a wooden skirting board accurately you need a guided saw or miter saw. Draw the lines along which to cut with a pencil, being careful that the inclinations go in opposite directions. At this point use the tool you have chosen to cut and place the sock on the corner.

Finishing the corners of a wooden skirting board is a simple operation, but it requires a minimum of manual skills. If you are not used to doing such jobs, turn to a professional.

What color should the skirting be?
The color of the plinth depends mainly on the type of wood and finishes. Is it aluminum or veneered wooden skirting board? Is the veneer made of natural bamboo or dark walnut? If you chose a rough wooden skirting board, did you leave it as it was, or did you paint it? You have so many choices.

The simplest solution is tone-on-tone: choose a white hoof that camouflages in the white wall. A white high skirting board can be a good solution even in case of bright walls: it helps to break and enhances the decor on the walls.

In case you have a parquet floor, another simple solution is to choose a matched skirting board. If the parquet is cherry, choose a skirting board made of solid wood or cherry veneer. If the parquet is dark walnut, then the skirting board will also be dark walnut. Otherwise, you can match the skirting board to the doors and fixtures: cherry doors, cherry skirting boards; dark walnut doors, dark walnut skirting boards.