It’s not an easy task for an artist to create a good working identity that will also fit ones visual style. It took me three months to develop mine. Most of the time, I was letting it to sit with me, revising, and checking if I can relate to it. Visual identity is your face. That’s how people see and imagine you without knowing, who you are.

I started with a clear idea that I’m not going to make a trendy or complicated design. In many instances, my visual style can be characterized with words ’clean’ and ’simple’. Furthermore, you don’t want to overpower your product with your identity. In case of many artists, identity is not your product. Your images are. Unless you are a graphic designer, who specializes on creating visual elements for others. Anyways, clean and simple.

Anton Chekhov, Russian dramaturge, gave an advice about revising a story: «First, throw out the first three pages.» It is relevant to design process as well. Feel free to throw away first few logos you made. They were essential to start a visual conversation, but most likely ain’t no good.

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