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2 months ago
BMW R 1250 GS Pro: The Thanos of all motorcycles!
Triumph Tiger, Ducati Multistrada Enduro, Honda Africa Twin, and BMW GS series are some of the well-regarded names in the golden ADV segment. Amidst all these extremely capable ADVs, the BMW R 1200 GS stands as the most capable full-size adventure bike in the globe.

So, as soon as the R 1250 GS was launched in India, we’ve been patiently waiting to see if the successor to the 1200 GS is worthy of the bold claims. Therefore, naturally, we grabbed one from the nearest Motorrad showroom for an extensive test. Our BMW R 1250 GS Pro review further emphasises on…

But before we began with testing those bold claims. Let’s see for what’s new with the Beemer. It now features a different powertrain and a meatier 1,254cc engine. With this upgrade, aside from the bump in on-paper figures, the GS also gets variable valve timing, or as the company calls it, the ShiftCam system. It still has four valves per cylinder, but now the timing is more optimised according to the rider’s requirements.

Step up, and the first thing that comes to notice is the 6.5-inch TFT coloured information cluster, for it shows a wide array of information. The display is dominated by a tachometer, while the digital speedometer readout sits in the middle. The riding modes are visible in the top right, and you can choose from four riding modes – Road, Rain, Dynamic Pro, and Enduro Pro, for the one that suits them best.

We started our ride in the default Road mode, as we had to tackle the exorbitant traffic of Delhi before we began our journey. In the city, the GS easily masks its weight for an extremely comfortable ride. You can easily cruise along the road at around 1,500rpm. We entered the highway and quickly switched to Dynamic Pro mode. This mode opened up the throttle response and the suspension stiffened up for improved cornering capabilities. The Enduro Pro mode, on the other hand, proved its worth at tackling rocks and terrains, as the Beemer remained extremely composed throughout.

On the whole, the GS proved to be an extremely versatile and composed motorcycle. Did it live up to the name? Yes, Indeed. The BMW R 1250 GS is set to write yet another success story for the manufacturer. My only grouse, then, remains to be the price. To read our full BMW R 1250 GS Pro review, visit us at autoX:- www.autox.com/reviews/bike-rev...de-106687/
priyankaims autoX
2 months ago
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