Cash Out Requirements


You are eligible for a Cash Out once your account reaches the minimum requirements described in this policy and meets Mioola Terms and Conditions.

Minimum Requirements

Your account must meet all the following requirements before you are eligible for Cash Out:
1. Your account must be older than 30 days. First time Cash Out is allowed after 30 days.
2. A Total of 1,000 people or more must follow your content. All your profile and page followers are combined together into the total amount of followers.
3. Your account must have 100,000 or more content views by registered Mioola users.
4. Your account balance must exceed 5,000 Sparks.
5. You must have an active PayPal account.

Amount and Time

You can Cash Out once every 30 days. First time maximum Cash Out limit is 10,000 Sparks. Second time maximum Cash Out limit is 50,000 Sparks. Third time maximum Cash Out limit is 100,000 Sparks. After third Cash Out your maximum limit will remain 1,000,000 Sparks per transaction.