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The topic of papers

1. Argumentative: The topic must have the potential for a counter argument.

• Rape is a crime which must be considered in the same level as murder.
• Women remain inferior even after so many attempts from women liberation movements because a big majority of the women believe in male supremacy.

2. Analytical: A good research paper topic of analytical nature is that which has the scope for an in-depth study as was not done before.

• Analyze the mortality rate of newborns in Kenya.
• Prepare an analytical report of the current educational system in US and its efficiency rate.

3. Persuasive: You must know enough about the topic to persuade the audience to agree with you.

• Abortion must be legalized considering the trauma the mother and the baby suffers in case of unwanted pregnancies.
• Music can heal diseases which are still evading the capture of medical sciences.

4. Expository: The topic must have enough fresh points to be described or explained.

• Describe the sentiment which can persuade you to risk your life to save a person whom you love.
• Under what circumstances do women take domestic violence quietly?

5. Opinion: The topic must be one which invites opinions rather than a solution.

• Your opinion on what methods will prove effective in checking racism and violence which originates from it.
• Has internet completely taken over the blame of negatively influencing the children and teenagers, from television? Justify your opinion.

6. Controversial: Must be a topic which has been discussed by the public over a long period of time.

• Mob justice is not excusable or permissible as innocent people also get hurt in the process.
• Mercy killing, or euthanasia, should be legalized for people who suffer from extremely painful diseases which have no cure or diseases which cause disability to the extent of making a person completely dependent on others.

Once you understand the objective of an assignment, it will be easy enough to find good research paper topics which suit that assignment. Try to pick an authentic one to ensure that your paper invites enough attention from your audience.

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