At Fashion Dot, we provide various apps and software for garments and boutiques for years. We have advanced technology tailor made software and tailor app like tailor measurement app, tailor blouse cutting technical software (Laser Cutting Machine), pattern making software, tailoring shop management software etc at a very reasonable price. Buy tailor app and software online at fashion which makes your work more easy and convenient. Utilizing this software you can design and stitch many clothes on time and make more profit.
Fashion Dot provides a tailoring guide for beginners by tailoring tutorial guide which has all the classes of tailoring in a visual step format within a single DVD. Buy tailoring tutorial guide from fashion dot and have the self-paced study of tailoring courses at your own location.

fashiondot Fashion Dot
6 months ago
Fashion Dot’s tailor measurement app is perfect fitting custom clothing software. The body measurement app for clothing is a virtual fitting solution when you shop online. This online tailoring app is easy to install and user friendly usage. Our clothing size app can measure your body fitting size perfectly within seconds better than a tailor. From now No Tailor Master Required! Install our friendly and flexible Fashion Dot tailor measurement app to get accurate measurement immediately without any delay. It’s a pocket friendly tailor for teenagers during their online or offline shopping.
fashiondot Fashion Dot
6 months ago
Become a professional tailor by studying our tailoring training guide DVD. It covers all the basic skills of tailoring like taking an accurate measurement, cloth cutting and sewing styles of clothes. Learn all the different Indian clothing stitching styles in three different languages such as Tamil, Hindi, and English. Our video contains a clear step by step tutorial procedure of the tailoring process. It gives clear instructions on cloth measurements and accurate cutting and fine stitching process.
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