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How do I control my profile privacy on Mioola?
You can control your profile privacy in three ways:

1. Choose who will see you on mioola.com. You can hide everything from the public. You have options located on your profile page, below your name at"Who can see your profile?"
Public - Your profile is visible for everyone and anyone who visits Mioola.
Users - Your profile is visible to all Mioola users who login.
Followers - Your profile is visible only for your followers and friends on Mioola.
Friends - Your profile is visible only for your friends on Mioola.
Only me - Your profile is completely private. Only you can see it on Mioola.

Please note: Profile action buttons like "Follow" and "Add as friend" must be configured separately using Friends Module and Follow Module on Settings Page.

Also note: For example if someone follows you, they can still see your posts on their news feed; posting options must be selected separately for every post you make.

2. You can select who can post on your profile or news feed.
To find your personal page posting settings, log in and click Settings (left main menu) and in the "Posting" box click Edit Info. Once you have selected your preferences, click Edit Info again.

3. Change privacy options separately: When I post something, how do I choose who can see it?
Where is my profile page?
To find your personal profile page, log in and click on your profile picture icon (top right).

Your profile page address looks like this:

Also see: How to navigate on Mioola?
Where can I see posts by people I follow?
You can find all the latest posts made by people you follow on your News Feed page (The Main menu), once you log in.