How do I change my page status?
You can change your page status to Public, Unlisted or Password on your page, using the button located below your page name:

Public - Your page is publicly displayed on Mioola, including the directory and the page suggestions.
Unlisted - Your page is displayed only in search, not listed in the Mioola directory and suggestions are disabled.
Password - Your page is available via the unique password link only; a new password link will be generated every time you select this option.
How can I increase my page views?
You can increase your page views in two ways:

- By adding your page widget on your site. This will point your visitors to your page on Mioola.
- By using the Mioola Page Promoter advertising service.
How do I create a page on Mioola?
To create a page or a site (page for a website):

1. Go to your profile and click Pages and then +Create a Page.
2. Now you need to complete the form by following the instructions given. Once you complete the form, your page will be published on Mioola.
Why is my page suspended on Mioola?
There can be several reasons; you can find more information about the reasons in Mioola Terms and Conditions.

If you think that your page was wrongfully suspended you can contact us.
How can I advertise my site or business on Mioola?
You can advertise your website or business by creating a Mioola page:
How do I create a page on Mioola?

You can use Mioola Page Promoter to grow your audience. The Promote button is located on your created page.