What is a page status and how do I change it?

You can change your page status to Public, Unlisted, Password or Members on your page, using the button located below your page name:

Public Your page is publicly displayed on Mioola, including the directory and the page suggestions.
Unlisted Your page is displayed only in search, not listed in the Mioola directory and suggestions are disabled.
Password Your page is available via the unique password link only; a new password link will be generated every time you select this option. Only admins can access the page without password link.
Members Your page is available only to Members and Admins of this page. The Members option contains additional options, once you select it, you will see a message box with a question.
1. Option - Grant membership access for a selected gift? if you select NO. This means that only Members and Admins who you personally have added to this page can access your page.
2. Option - Grant membership access for a selected gift? If you select SELECT GIFT. This means that you need to select a Membership Gift. Now everyone who visits your page has an option to get a membership access to your page, by sending you your chosen gift.