How do I upload photos?
You can add and upload photos to Mioola in two ways:

Add a photo to your profile news feed.

Go to: How to create a new post.

Create a photo collection and post photos from your computer to a new album.

1. Go to your profile Photos and +Make a Photo Album.
2. Now you have an empty album. To delete or edit the name, click the button in the top right corner.
3. Click on the album to open it and click +Upload Photos.
You can also select privacy options in the top right corner of the album to set who can see this album.
4. Now you can drop all the photos from your computer on the upload field, or click on it to browse photos with Windows Manager.
5. Once you select your photos they will be uploaded automatically to your album.
How do I add a description to my photo?
You can add a description to your photo:

1. Click on your photo.
2. Click the box in the right: Click here to add a description.
3. Enter your description and click on the Save Icon.
Who can see my photos?
You can use your photo privacy options (after you have clicked on your photo). Once you choose a new privacy option for your photo, it will also change the image name and location, this way you can hide your photos from the public anytime you like.