12 months ago
Hi, if you have a working day, you want to relax while watching your favorite shows, we can help you find the recliner chair at thebestreclinersreviews.com . Among all types of lounge chairs, recliners differ in particular comfort - models equipped with a backrest with varying inclination and footrest, the height of which also adapts to the position of a person. The cousins, Knabush and Shoemaker, invented such a design back in 1928. It was in Michigan, and the very first chair was created in the garage. A little later, the inventors patented their model, improving it and starting a mass release under the Simmons brand.
Since the appearance of the first such products, decades have passed, many new models with modern types of control (touch, electronic) have emerged. However, the principle remains the same - the ability to regulate the body with the help of regulation of the backrest with a footrest.
Moreover, for different types of recreation this position is different: in a sitting position, for example, the optimum angle for the backrest is 100 degrees. But watching TV is more convenient if the back is tilted slightly lower - up to 110 degrees. And it's good when the legs are slightly raised with the help of the stand. Do you want to get complete relaxation - lower the back even lower - degrees to 140. Well, and the stand, respectively, must be raised higher.
Who would voluntarily refuse such comfort - there is hardly such a person. Therefore, if there is a place in the apartment and financial capabilities, then such a chair should be bought without thinking. It can be a wonderful gift for elderly parents or a person experiencing back problems. It is very useful to relax in reklayner and pregnant - swollen legs will stop to hum, and the back will be much easier.
The simplest recliner chairs are equipped with a mechanical device that controls the backrest and footrest. It can be triggered by pressing on the back or actuated by a separate lever. The footrest, in turn, is advanced in one of many ways: telescopic, drop-down (like a book), diving (like the dolphin mechanism).
In addition to mechanical recliners, electrical models are available, that is, with electric drive. They do not require effort to transform. The control takes place either with a button or a remote control that allows you to remember your favorite chair positions and repeat them in a matter of seconds. There are still chairs with touch controls - they have sensory elements in the armrests.
It is worth mentioning about some convenient additional options that some manufacturers equip their models with.
For example, not bad if the chair has the ability to rotate around its axis.
Or have the function of a rocking chair - after all, it sometimes calms so much.
There are even chairs where a heating or massager is built in.
And for music lovers there are models with audio systems.
For a person aged it is useful to buy a chair with a built-in lift, from which it will be much easier to get up.