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2 months ago
iOS 13 – Features and Improvements. What’s in it for developers!
2 months ago
Online Survey Tool - FeedbacQ
The 'best' survey tool is a subjective thing per say, so the 'best' survey tool is determined by the user's need. So if you are looking to improve your business by improving the customer experience, go for customer satisfaction surveys or for customer feedback. These surveys will allow you to improve in those domains in which your customers think you are lagging behind. You can calculate Net Promoter Score if you want to know how devoted and loyal your customers are. Or if you want to see how good or bad your employees feel, opt for an Employee Feedback Survey or Employee Pulse Survey or even Employee Engagement Survey; these surveys will also allow you to assess a wide range of your employee's feelings, from switching their jobs to working a little more for the firm. You can also opt for business-specific surveys. For instance, if you own a restaurant, take a Restaurant Survey to take a Patient Satisfaction Survey if you manage or own a hospital or health clinic. To make the survey effective, many factors should be taken into consideration as the number and type of questions asked, the medium of the survey (online or offline), frequency of sending the surveys, etc. Even after all this hard work, the survey will not be complete, it will show results only after you (or the management) analyses the survey results, organizes the information gathered and then work on it.

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